Third Eye / Intution Chakra Stones Kit

Third Eye / Intution Chakra Stones Kit

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Third Eye Chakra Stones

The third eye is the spiritual center of our energy system. It works together with the rational mind to create intuitive intellect so that we can see beyond the veil. In this way, it helps us move beyond illusions to what is real and what really matters.

The third eye chakra is believed to be related to:

  • clarity

  • concentration

  • imagination

  • intuition

  • spiritual perception

  • universal connection

      What will you get?

      10 Third Eye Chakra Stones - 1 Amethyst,
      1 Rainbow Fluorite, 1 Lepidolite, 1 Iolite, 1 Sodalite, 1 Lapis Lazuli, 1 Black Tourmaline,
      1 Rainbow Moonstone, 1 Labradorite, 1 Blue Turquoise

      Amethyst Amethyst is often called the Stone of Spirituality because it optimizes the third eye chakra and assists us in our spiritual development. This third eye chakra stone awakens the soul and enhances our intuition and psychic abilities. It is especially helpful during meditation because it calms the mind and helps us access deeper states of consciousness.

      Lapis Lazuli is the gemstone of Total Awareness. It helps to open your visions, intuition, and Third Eye chakra to a sense of deep peace. This crystal helps to release stress and mental disorder to help you focus on your spiritual awakening.

      Sodalite This stone is ideal for improving focus, mental clarity, and balance in life. It can be used during meditation to ease the frustration and disturbances that come from the blocked third eye chakra. 

      Rainbow Moonstone
      Moonstone clears out the heart chakra, radiates with rare energy to connect your crown chakra with the universe, and also tunes in to your third eye chakra too. This luminescent gem is a stone of new beginnings, it wants you to wander down paths of truth and purpose, and to find your natural sense of harmony and calm

      Turquoise Strong and gentle, this soft blue stone has comforting energy that is likened to the presence of angels. It is also thought to improve communications with loved ones and allow for a deeper connection. 

      Lepidolite is popular for reducing the stress that comes from overthinking. When your thoughts are causing you anxiety, grab your Lepidolite and focus on the positive in your life. This crystal is a hero for those who tend to overanalyze.

      Black Tourmaline  Along with keeping that root chakra in check, Black Tourmaline brings focus, mental clarity, and balance to your mind. When we feel safe, solid, and sure of our stance in this world, this helps us to move out of survival mode and into deeper wisdom and higher thinking.

      Iolite This sparkling violet or blue crystal is often connected to the crown chakra but is also an opener of the third eye too. Iolite is all about balance and bringing your emotions to a middle ground so you aren’t led by spur-of-the-moment moods but instead, use that deeper knowledge to access the answers you already have. Along with balancing masculine and feminine energy, Iolite will also stir up visions and encourage astral travel.

      Rainbow Fluorite is thought to stimulate the mind, speed up learning and enhance focus. Fluorite comes in many colors, a mix including purple is best for stimulating the third eye chakra and opening our creative unconscious

      Labradorite stone deflects unwanted energies. This crystal makes an excellent tool for those practicing metaphysics and the supernatural. It opens up the Third Eye chakra while protecting you from negative forces.

      Size: 1" - 1.5"
      Finishing: Polished
      Weight: 20-25g

      How can the Third Eye chakra benefit you?

      When your Third Eye chakra is open and balanced, you will feel:

      • Like you are on the right path.

      • Confident in your decisions.

      • Positive thoughts turning into actions.

      • Connected to the Law of Attraction.

      • Mentally balanced.

      • Your mind is at peace.

      How can you strengthen your Third Eye chakra?

      • Alongside your healing crystals, there are many other ways to keep your Third Eye chakra balanced. Have your gemstones by your side while engaging in other intuitive exercises.

      • Creative writing. Let your imagination run free and harness your healthy thoughts to create beautiful stories.

      • Poses. Specific tai chi, qigong, and yoga asana pose to balance the Third Eye chakra.

      • Meditation calms the mind and connects you with your spiritual self.

      • Spend time in natural light. The Third Eye chakra is connected to the element of Light and thrives in moonlight and sunlight.

      • Keep a dream journal. Sleeping time is when you are naturally astral traveling. Write down where you have been and notice patterns of where your mind is taking you.

      • Mindful breathing. 

      Third Eye Chakra Affirmations

      • My mind is at peace.

      • I always trust my instincts.

      • I always listen to my intuition, it never leads me astray.

      • I balance my spiritual self with my physical self.

      • I see through the psychic portal to the spiritual world.

      • I am connected to Universal truth.

      • When I close my two eyes, I see the magical world through my Third.

          How to use crystals for healing?

          • Hold a crystal during meditation.

          • Create a crystal grid.

          • Add crystals to your altar.

          • Carry a crystal with you throughout your day.

          • Place crystals on your body.

          • Use crystals during your yoga practice.

          • Bring positive energy to your décor.

          • Incorporate crystals into your self-care routine.

            Consider integrating crystals for the throat chakra in addition to a healthy diet, exercising, and meditating to achieve and maintain chakra balance.

            Happy Healing :)

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