Sacral Chakra Stones
Sacral Chakra Stones

Sacral Chakra Stones

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Sacral Chakra Crystals

Some of the main functions of the first chakra include:

  • Sensuality

  • Creativity

  • Pleasure

  • Sexuality

  • Emotions

  • Relationships

    What will you get?

    5 Sacral Chakra Stones - 1 Carnelian, 1 Goldstone, 1 Sunstone, 1 Orange Aventurine, 1 Peach/Orange Selenite

    Carnelian is the ultimate Sacral chakra stone for its fiery orange energy. The inspiring stone opens you to the infinite world of creative passion. Carnelian supports you in whatever artistic or business ventures you want to pursue. 

    Goldstone Called the Stone of Ambition, the Goldstone is rich in mystery and legends. It is deeply connected to the sacral chakra making it the perfect stone for achieving life purpose and personal development while stabilizing and calming emotions in the process.
    Goldstone is also an excellent crystal for grounding. Whenever you feel lethargic or restless, the copper content of the goldstone is a conductor of powerful spiritual healing energy.

    Sunstone is the stone of light and happiness. Its glowing orange tones are perfect to activate the Sacral chakra. Use Sunstone when you want to infuse the life-giving energy of the sun into your

    Orange Aventurine Orange Aventurine is a Stone of Confidence, Self-Worth, and Personal Will. This gemstone calms negative thoughts and activates creative ideas, it initiates new possibilities and encourages perseverance.
    Orange Aventurine is an all-around healer to bring joy into one's life.

    Peach/Orange Selenite is sometimes found in this glowing orange color, perfect for lighting up your Sacral chakra. Known to seal the aura from energy leaks, let Orange Selenite keep your creative juices contained within your personal space. Instead of giving too much of yourself, this healing crystal makes sure you have enough power to thrive. 

    Size: 1" - 1.5"
    Finishing: Polished
    Weight: 20-25g

    How can the Sacral Chakra Benefit You?

    When your Sacral Chakra is open and balanced, you will feel:

    • Happy in your relationships

    • Energized about life

    • Full of creativity

    • Accepting your body

    • Passionate about your goals

    • Adaptable to all situations

    • Open to a universe of possibilities

    Sacral Chakra Powerful Affirmations

    • I attract people who treat me with respect

    • I enjoy pleasure in all areas of my life

    • My emotions are free-flowing and balanced

    • I am a creative being

    • It is my birthright to receive pleasure

    • I honor the sacred body in which my soul resides

    • I welcome sensuality into my life

    • My intuitive senses are awakened

    • I embrace my vibrant sexuality

    • Creating art nourishes my soul and brings me joy

    • I am a lovable and desirable being

    • I am comfortable in my body and I treat it with care

    • Sex is a sacred connection

    • I allow my creativity to flow through me freely

    • I receive pleasure and abundance with every breath I take

    • I let go of past feelings that no longer serve me

    • I choose to feel joy and excitement often

    • I am spontaneous and I allow my intuition to guide me

    • I feel safe enjoying sex

    • I breathe in powerful golden light

      How to open your sacral chakra

      Few methods you can do on your own

      • Set your intention. ...

      • Follow online guided visualizations. ...

      • Use Healing crystals

      • Tell yourself positive affirmations (Most Effective Method)

      How do you open the Sacral chakra with crystals?

      Once you have collected your desired Sacral chakra crystals, you'll need to know how to use them.

      With crystals in hand you can:

      • Visualize your Sacral chakra like a ball of orange light. Imagine the light getting stronger and stronger as the crystals infuse the Sacral chakra with strength.

      • Visualize yourself bringing smiles, friendship, and love wherever you go. Imagine a warm orange spotlight following you wherever you go.

      Happy Healing :)

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