Cord Cutting Energy Ritual Between Two People or Third Party (Done By Me) WITHIN 12-24hrs

Cord Cutting Energy Ritual Between Two People or Third Party (Done By Me) WITHIN 12-24hrs

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I conduct cord cutting rituals with candle work for 2 hrs to help relieve you from connections where you need energetic space or need to let go. If you find yourself being overwhelmed by a connection and find it very hard to focus on yourself, move on and let go... this can really help you to focus more on yourself and detach from the person. Detachment is also the key to the law of attraction so that you can raise your vibrational energy. Cord cutting rituals can be performed between two people (for example you and another).

All cord cutting rituals are done on the same day *(within 12-24hrs)* from receiving your payment & information (first name and date of birth of yourself and the first name of the other person). I accept clients worldwide!



Please email me at: with your order number, first name and date of birth or sun sign. 

Also send the other person's first name ,date of birth and current city(if possible).

If you want to know about the other persons intentions and relationship advice please share their details as well.


Once I have received your information, I will conduct the ritual using candle work which lasts for about 1 hour and then email you back to let you know how it went along with the photos of your ritual(personalised) within 12-24hrs of purchase. Please check your junk mail or spam as emails can sometimes end up there. Everything is confidential and never shared with anyone else.

Please note that it can take time to see the effects of this.

Lots of love,

Tarot by Zelle. 

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