Clear Quartz -Master of Healing

Clear Quartz -Master of Healing

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Clear Quartz is the most abundant and basic quartz. It is also said that every colored quartz is the different form of this quartz. Clear quartz is very useful to the human race as ‘Master of Healing’ and it is believed that men were using this quartz from centuries. Ancient people believed that it is one of the best gifts given by Earth.

Personal awareness and growth are intensified by clear quartz stones. It is very beneficial to those who are going to start their spiritual journey. From ancient times this stone is usually regarded as a symbol & source of ‘Light to Mankind’. It has the ability to provide power to other crystals.



For physical health, this stone was used for thousands of years by a human. It is always believed to have a very significant effect on our immune system. It boosts and strengthens our immune system to fight and get resistant from various infectious and non-infectious ailments.

It also has a very good effect on our circulation. It purifies the blood and removes all toxic and non-significant minerals from your blood. Hence it also aids benefits to the heart and lungs. It is also good for the skin.

It also balances energy flow in your emotional and physical body. It also intensifies your energy balance. It was also used in the treatment of headaches, vertigo, and dizziness.

It is also believed that it increases the quality of metabolism. It has the ability to adjust both anabolism and catabolism of our bodies. These two processes work together and named Metabolism. Metabolism is the most essential life process.


Spiritual people usually know this stone to bring evolutionary development in human beings. It is very beneficial to those who are completely unaware of their inner truth and are still asleep in only the materialistic world. But it is very effective in bringing these kinds of people towards spiritual awakenings.

This stone is used to stimulate the apex of all chakras that is Crown Chakra or Sahsara. Sahasrara Chakra or Crown Chakra is the Pinnacle of All Seven Chakras. It is the place where the evolutionary energy, Kundalini Energy merges with the Mahayogi Shiva. After that only we can practice different levels of Samadhi. With this, we will come to know the truth of this universe & its energy expansion. We will get involved with the Universal Soul, which is nothing but the creator of the whole creation (God). With this Chakra Opening, we ultimate became the Buddha (One who is having wisdom & enlightened from this worldly creation).

Besides this, it also resonates with Heart Chakra. This chakra is very essential and has a very important role in a connection between the individual being, the mother nature or earth & the heart of our whole universe. It will open the heart chakra at all higher levels so that one can understand the meaning of true life, the importance of love & relationship in life.


The Feng Shui experts usually acknowledged this stone for its ability to hold and transmute light. They too believed that this stone can also clean and purify the aura and space in their respective surroundings.

According to Feng Shui experts, clear quartz should have a faceted spherical shape and it should be placed in the Bagua region of your house or office. Then it will have its maximum efficiency.

You can also place this crystal ball to your window where sunlight strikes in the morning. It will disperse the energy in every corner of the room and you will get a very attractive and beautiful rainbow effect without rainfall in your own home.